Credit Card Orders


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When you place an order, click here

and email us the name and email address of the person who referred you.


How it Works

Tell everyone about our bows (let us know if you need more business cards!), and make sure they refer you when they checkout. 

We want everyone to get in on the fun!!  Points are accrued with each new referral.  When you have 2 referral points, you will receive a free bow ($6 value) with your next order.

You must be referred by someone to receive points. 

If you see our bows on someone you referred, just tell them to email us and give you the credit!!

You will only receive points for the first order placed by someone you've referred.

Limit $12 worth of free bows per order.


When you have enough referral points for your freebies...just let us know in the Paypal Comment Box which bow you would like.

Occasionally, we will send email updates to those who have enough referral points, but if you think you have enough, just email and we'll let you know!