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Bug Clippies



any orders placed with bug clippes, will not be processed until then


What a fun new way to show off your sense of style!  Our older daughters love these because they're so fun!  You can get them to match any outfit too (or every outfit)!


Choose any 3 bugs, any colors!


Please indicate which 3 bugs you want

(butterfly, dragonfly, bee or ladybug)

Please let us know what colors you would like, or choose from the pictured bugs below

(no more than 3 colors for each bug)



Bug Clippy Combo Pack

these are attached to partially lined alligator clips


Bug Grippy Combo Pack

these are on fully lined alligator clips, with grippy material added  to keep those bugs from flying away!



Choose any three bugs, or create your own!


Aqua & Apple Dragonfly

Spring Crocus Ladybug

Lemon Lime Dragonfly


Rock Candy Butterfly

Pink Lemonade Butterfly

Lime Infusion Dragonfly


Sunshine Bee

Hot Pink and Emerald Ladybug

Navy and Yellow Bee


Navy and Red Ladybug

Navy and Yellow Butterfly

Berry Breeze Butterfly


Turquoise & Shocking Pink Butterfly

Pink & Purple Dragonfly

Yellow, Hot Pink & Brown Bee


Palm Springs Butterfly

Crazy Cappuccino Dragonfly

Wild One Butterfly


Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Ladybug

Watermelon Butterfly

Fairy Tale Bumblebee


Pink Denim Bumblebee




Navy, Millenium Blue and White Butterfly


Sunshine Ladybug





Pink Princess Ladybug

Green and Brown Dragonfly

Pink Princess Bumblebee


Brown, Pink and Shocking Pink Butterfly

Lime and Black Dragonfly

Pink, Hot Pink and Brown Butterfly


Lime, Orange and Brown Bee

Lime, Yellow and Pink Bee

Pink and Lavender Bee


Turquoise Butterfly

Shocking Pink and Turquoise Bee

Lavender Butterfly


Euro Brights Ladybug

Sunshine Butterfly

Watermelon Ladybug


Pink and Turquoise Bumblebee

Paris Chic Bumblebee

Strawberry Kiwi Butterfly


Pink and White Butterfly

Paris Chic Butterfly

Pink Denim Butterfly


Red Ladybug

Yellow and Black Bumblebee

Pink Butterfly


Shocking Pink Princess Dragonfly

Island Getaway Bumblebee


Red and White Butterfly


Blue and Pink Butterfly

Pink Lemonade Ladybug

Hot Pink Butterfly


Pink Princess Butterfly

Uptown Girl Butterfly

Emerald, Lilac and Hot Pink Dragonfly


Aqua and White Butterfly

Mocha Latte Butterfly

Pink, Blue and White Butterfly