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About Us

YOU are beautiful!


God has made YOU beautiful!


           He designed you and 


created you special.  


You are a treasure 


        and valuable to Him!


     Every girl should know 


that God loves her and


              made her beautiful! 


We at Five Blessed Bows 


    are dedicated to helping your 


little girl feel like a Princess..


            Inside and Out!


Tracy & Alison

We no longer accept Credit Card orders, we apologize for any inconvenience.



Alison 413-422-2010


*Our business is run out of our home.  Feel free to contact us with orders, questions or concerns regarding our products,

during business hours only 9am - 7pm, Eastern Standard Time.

Thank you

Five Blessed Bows is the dream of two Stay-at-Home-Moms.  We turned our ribbon obsession into a luxury for everyone to enjoy.  We work at home in New England, and have found a way to turn our hobby into a career.  It all started when people noticed our daughters wearing bows to match every outfit, and they wanted bows for their little we are!   Our name comes from our Faith in God and the amount of children we had between us at the time of starting our there are 7 children and we think we're done!  We are truly blessed!  We've been at this for over 5 years now, and couldn't do it without help from our wonderful assistants.  We pride ourselves in quick turn-around times, and do our best to get your bows to you as quickly as possible.  We do not compromise on quality, we only produce what we would put on our girls.

**All product photos are the property of Five Blessed Bows.  Please do not copy and use our photos without our permission**

About the Bows

Our bows are hand made to order.  The turn-around time is typically 3 days, but your order confirmation email will give you the current wait.  If it will be longer than 7 days we will put a notice on our website.  

Our Bows are designed to withstand lots of wear.  Some of the qualities are...

*HEAT* sealing~ this is the best way to ensure your ribbon won't ravel or fray 

Hand folded, by us,  in a clean, smoke free environment

We use only the best Grosgrain quality

Sturdy 24 gauge wire

All bows securely wired to their clips*

Hand and Machine Stitching on certain styles

Cleaning ~ They can be cleaned!  Soak in a strong solution of oxygen cleaner, or mild dish soap, and water.  Rinse in cool water, air dry.  (We have been told that this can cause the ponytail holders to lose their elasticity)

Caution ~ As with any accessory, please do not leave your child unattended while wearing her bows.  There are small pieces that could become a choking hazard if the bows are torn apart.

Pairs ~ If you think you may want pairs, you need to order them together.  Each bow is custom made when you order  and we cannot guarantee an exact match unless we make them together.


Returns ~ Every item you order is custom made to your specifications.  Due to the nature of our products and product safety, returns will only be accepted if we made a mistake in your order (we can not accept worn bows, or bows damaged in shipping).   We ask that you email us any questions prior to ordering, as we can not accept returns on items ordered incorrectly (i.e....wrong color choice, wrong clip).  We offer colors samples,  just email us and we'll be happy to send them out.

Payment ~ We accept Paypal, Credit Cards (over email or phone) and Money Orders.  We no longer accept personal checks.

Shipping Policies~ We ship all packages through the USPS.  First Class is 3-5 days.   If your package has not arrived within seven days, please contact us and your local USPS office.  After these steps, if your package has not arrived within an additional seven days (2 weeks total from shipping date) we will remake your order at our discretion.  If the tracking information says your item has been delivered we will not remake your order , and you will need to contact your USPS for information on your package.  We have never had a package go missing, they always turn up and we're at the mercy of the post office until it does!



Following is approximate sizes for all of our bow styles, we measure and cut the exact same length of ribbon for each bow.



Newborn = 1"

Basic = 2"

Grippy Korkers = 2" - 2.5"

Supersize Grippy Korkers = 2" - 2.5" and are poofier than the other grippers



Small = 1.5" - 2"

Medium = 2.5" - 3"

Large = 3.5" - 4"



(butterfly, basic, ruffle, sheers and satin styles)

*small bows use a more narrow ribbon, so are much smaller in appearance than the medium and large

Small = approximately 3"

Medium = approximately 4"

Large = approximately 5"



*These bows are several layers thick, so appear larger than the classic styles, however, the bottom bow starts out the same size.

Small = approximately 3"

Medium = approximately 4"

Large = approximately 5"



Small = approximately 3"

Medium = approximately 4"

Large = approximately 5"



These are measured from the crown to bottom.





These are measured from the crown to bottom.

Toddler = 4"

Big Girl = 6"



Small = approximately 3"

Large = approximately 4"



Small = bow is approximately 3", tails are approximately 4"

Medium = approximately 4", tails are approximately 5"

Large = approximately 5", tails are approximately 6"



Small = approximately 3"

Medium = approximately 4"

Large = approximately 5"



Small = approximately 3"

Medium = approximately 4"

Large = approximately 5"



Butterfly = 3"

Dragonfly = 3"

Ladybug = 2"

Bee = 2"



Shipping and Handling

First Class to USA 3-5 business days

.01 - $19.99 = $3.95

$20 - $39.99 = $4.75

$40 - $59.99 = $5.75

$60 - $89.99 = $7.75

$90 + = $10.95 (Priority)

Priority to USA 2-3 business days

Under $50 = $6.75

Over $50 = $10.95

International Shipping

Under $50 = $7.75

Over $50 = $13.75


Under $50 = $6.75

Over $50 = $9.75

Larger Boxes that exceed the First Class weight limit will be shipped Parcel.  We like to keep our shipping costs low, and only charge what it costs us to pack and ship your won't find that anywhere else!

after a full day in the sprinklers....still look great!

*Baby Bows using grippers can not be wired to clip, but are securely glued


Thank you so much for your support!